About Us

About Us

The extensive knowledge we have acquired over the years enables us to recommend sound solutions and tailor our products to meet our client’s unique specifications. Our proven ability to design and deliver successful products, find creative solutions to challenging projects and exceed client expectations has earned us a reputation as a valued partner and industry leader.

  • A Dedicated Team of Professionals

    • Global Project Management and Seamless International Coordination
    • Expert Advice and Adherence to Industry Best Practises
    • Long term partnerships with existing clients. See who we have worked with here.
  • Decades of industry experience & expertise

    • Worldwide presence, the leading specialist in the Middle East and APAC region.
    • Highly sought after for Control Automation, Process Systems and Valve Automation.
    • Constantly improve existing products while testing new technology.
  • Cutting-Edge, Customised Solutions

    • Specialise in innovative products that do more.
    • Co-engineering capabilities with clients and supplies to customise products tailored to their specific needs.
    • Committed to continuous research and development.


  • Committed

    We are committed to forging long lasting partnerships with our clients by ensuring their satisfaction with our solutions and services.

  • Original

    We are focussed on cutting edge, innovative solutions. By constantly pushing the limits of what is possible, we can discover beneficial improvements for the industry.

  • Reliable

    We focus on environmental protection and never compromise on workplace safety so our staff and our clients can have greater peace of mind.

  • Efficient

    Our highly skilled staff have proven themselves by applying best practices to streamline operations and are equipped with years of real-world experience.


  • ISO 9001

  • ISO 14001

  • ISO 45001

  • bizSAFE Enterprise